Antonio Stonesquarers

City Antonio

Construction currently underway

Power Systems

Laying the Foundations

Solid Foundations for a Lasting Future.

Construction Sites

Castle I

City Antonio

  1. Royal Family
  2. Conference Chamber
  3. Secondary Offices
  4. Queens Garden & Bird Aviary
  5. Horse Track

Fine Arts Center

City Antonio

  1. Arts Museum
  2. Performing Arts Campus

City Antonio Development

  1. City Wall & Port
  2. Government Buildings I
  3. Housing Development
  4. Business District Development

Antonio Aerospace

  1. Mons Prince Location (Space Systems & Test Site)
  2. Honolulu Location (Assembly Plant & Satellite Facility)

Antonio Motors

Province of Antonia

  1. Motor Vehicle Campus
  2. Carbon Fiber Plant


Mons Prince

  1. Production Plant

The Third Temple


Princesse Bridge

Princesse & Antonia

  1. 7.3 Mile Sea Bridge 

Emergency Health

All Regions

  1. Primary Hospital Renovations / Construction
  2. Primary Extension Clinics
  3. Elderly Care Extensions

Stallion Power

Antonio Location

  1. Petroleum
  2. Wind
  3. Solar 
  4. Coal Plant
  5. Research Power Plant I of II

Jane’s Voyage Shipyard

Princess Island Location

Princesse Location

Honolulu Causeway

Pearl Harbor

Defenders Stadium

Princess Island

Queen Towers

Princesse (City of Bonifacio)

Mammoth Park

Princess Island

WWII Cleanup Fund

Pearl Harbor Site


Global Distribution Centers

World Leaders Counsel

Princesse (City of Bonifacio)

Local Sub-Contracts

Princesse Bridge

  • Sub-Contracts (Major Piece Components)

Guard Facility Renovations

  • Facility Renovations

Airport Expansions

  • Runway Extensions
  • Terminal Extensions

Housing Development

  • All Regions

Acomm Campus

  • Specialized Equipment Orders & Install

Manufacturing / Distribution Centers

  • Renovations