First Laws - Articles

First Laws - Articles of the Constitution


First Laws Articles of the Constitution

We believe with faithfulness, Isles of Antonia, hath established under the law of Constitutional Monarchy, that there is only one Kingdom in governance of her seas and of her lands. And that she is forthwith honest, righteous, patient, full of hope, and lasting with great endurance. A Senate Counsel is enacted for the people in the order of, to review efforts, to make sound decisions of opinion, and to passeth to the King by and through the more than half part election of Senate Counsel representation. Moreover shall thou delivereth to the Royal King, an amount equal to one tenth part governance shall be given. The inherit King serves final rule on all matters cometh forth thine Kingdom. And if the people of the land bring ware of torture, it shall be an abomination upon the evil doers. And it came to pass that the law of the land hath not abide in such wickedness. Now each man shall be called upon to carry his sword. He shall act at the officiated appointed time. Thy will and right to protect life is governed the law of liberty, for the people. Religious protection is afforded to all. Thy Government so founded upon Christianity belief and will uphold Christianity with thy will of God amongst his chosen. The law of the land, the statutes, and the ordinances shall be observed, that which is set forth and written for all. It is our inherent right and duty to help our neighbors in times of need. And not all understanding can be given through a Government body alone, but through God. Drunkenness, riots, protests, and railing do not stand forth under law. Orderly conduct shall and will be established by rule in times of great calamity and need. Therefore we justly say a city in corruption shall be restored under the rule of law. Now citizenship is granted to all who willfully seek to abide by the principles and laws of thine Government. God, Kingdom, and the Citizens of Isles of Antonia are the divine calling upon the land. And the anointment hath been given of God in the creation of thy said Government authority of which all shall be subject to. And local taxes shall and by will be collected at a rate set by law, to improve upon and to afford abilities to the people. Trade taxes shall be collected at a rate set by law, to improve upon and to afford abilities of a world trade network. Furthermore a Declaration of Warfare tax shall be collected at a rate of three one hundredths, to improve upon conflict resolution.
Now thy defense of thine Kingdom calls for thy Government to be slowly moved upon by which an unwelcome force does persecute, does persuade, and does corrupt the values and beliefs of the citizens and governing bodies thereof. In times of conflict, any life taketh away shall be given to rest. And property destroyeth shall be remade. And behold the Royal Family is protected by the citizens of the Kingdom, above the law that is governed by and through rule of thou appointed King. And the Ministry hath an office to oversee the works thereof. And to see that all bestow availability to the Ministry. For the Kingdom doth serve God. All people are so protected by the law that each Accusee shall stand trial in the Court of Justice to receiveth a white stone or a black stone. Then a trial must commence at an appointed time and shalt not pass one year of Accusee detainment by which accusation of a high level crime hath committed. The poor and needy accused shall be granted cost reduction of lawyer dues if chooses not by self representation of matters under criminal law. Trial shall be hidden from public sight and so witnessed by one appointed witness. Sufficient evidence must be provided unto the Court of Justice to determine a verdict. And the burden of proof weighs heavily in the hands of the Accuser. Furthermore no law or statute of law shall vary in all the lands established. And the punishment of death by hanging shall be given in specific high level crimes upon a total witness black stone verdict. And it shall be heard, He that despises the law shall die without mercy. Behold the King giveth election of appointment to Minister, to seven Authoritative Captains of Guard, to Judge of Justice, to six Governors, to two Authoritative Senate Counsel. He that provideth good works. And the King giveth the election of appointment to Head of Intelligence, to Offices Official, to that which provideth good works. Finally the King giveth the election of appointment to Secretary of Guard. She that provideth good works. And the Trade amongst the lands and amongst the sea that so surroundeth shall be governed by the law of good Trade within thine Kingdom and amongst Nations and Kingdoms of good Trade. Now conservation efforts shall be the duty of all to that which taketh in need shall also restore what hath been taken of thy sea, of thy land, of thy air, and of thy space. We believe in protecting her in longevity to pass on to the generations cometh forth. Now hereto before leaders of Nations and leaders of Kingdoms a seat hath been provided of voiceful opinion that to which the voice shall be header amongst Nations of Nations and Kingdoms of Kingdoms, of a Counsel of World Leaders. In times of great calamity is a time of great suffering and a time of great endurance. And rations, shelter, and protection shall be given in orderliness of need. Moreover in these times of great hardship bring forth the sick and wounded as we believe to prevail. The boundaries set forth in governance and sealed which is written. And by the borders from the east unto the west side. And from the north side unto the south side. We proclaim Isles of Antonia of Capital City Antonio, of Antonia Island, of Princess Island, of Rose Island, of Vulcan Island, of Oahu Island, of Malika Island. And Provincial Territory One of Alakshak. And Provincial Territory Two of Antonio. And Provincial Territory Three of Princeps Mons. And Provincial Territory Four of Princesse. And Provincial Territory Five of Antonia. And three Longitude Territory by three Latitude Territory that exists over the celestial body of the Moon. And it shall come to pass that the knowledge and understanding be told unto this generation. It shall be given to thy sons and to thy daughters of next generation so as to be passed wisdom and righteousness furthermore. For health of the people is to uphold and promote longevity of life throughout. Peacemakers are the blessed of the world that undo suffering and bestow peace upon it. Let it be the multitudes gather under thine flag by which thine Kingdom is of. By our creator hath he so giveth thy very gift of creation of continuance of thine blood line. A gift by all measures of life shall cometh, God willing. Now a brother, fellow citizen that cometh forth with petition hath much right to do so in accordance to the law. Set forth the principles of thou governing body shall passeth the petition to Senate Counsel. Furthermore acceptance of petition in continuance to the Throne. In time the decision shall be given by way of the five that is written to acceptance, to declinare, to refusare, to rejectus, to repudiatus. The sanctity of marriage is coveted in the sight of our almighty God. And the laws thereof exalted by him. According to the word of the Lord, that which is manifested unto us as it is written. These laws set forth are hereby contained and upheld in Ordinance of Marriage.

Let no man addeth or taketh away all that is written hereto. Let the glory and grace of God be amongst us. And the Peace be with you all.
Thine Constitution was written to which hereby is sealed unto and shalt not be broken. In the end of days thine Kingdom hath been created by the will of God and sealed by the King that seats at the Throne. That thine Kingdom shall and will exist by and through the power of the almighty God who hath anointed her be until this world shall come to pass and that all things shall perish.  Signed into existence in the year of our Lord and savior Christ Jesus, Two Thousand and Sixteen.

Antonio I

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