ID Government Citizens Card

Government Issued ID Card will become the standard issue type card across the globe as more countries accept and transition toward a more secure means of identifying citizens and passport members. 


Big changes are driven by the construction plans for the new Kingdom with improvements to already existing infrastructure to new city wide construction plans.  New jobs will be available and transition of jobs to current employees of another state are in the process.  

Antonio Banking - Citizens Access Account

Antonio Banking is in coordination with the Central Bank (Office of Treasu) to provide every citizen of the Isles of Antonia a free access account. Users can apply for:

  • Advanced Account
  • Direct Deposit
  • Scan Checks
  • Request A Loan
  • Apply For Insurance (Life/Home/Boat/Auto)
  • Pay Bills
  • Wire Transfer
  • And More

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Health Program

There are various health programs offered to citizens.

Download the health form below to see details of the programs offered.

Education Program

Kingdom Antonia wants everyone to succeed. In doing so the government offers to its citizens a way to get a degree through a low interest loan program.

Learn more by downloading the Education form below. 

Housing Program

Assistance is provided to those who qualify for the Housing Program.

Learn more about the program benefits by downloading the Housing Porgram form below.

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