Identification Application


By Order of the King of the Kingdom of Isles of Antonia, all persons living within the territory of the I.A. must submit an I.A. ID Application by the application deadline.  Failure to do so by the application deadline date will result in required removal from  the territory within 90 days of the deadline date.  Any person(s) claiming citizenship of another country will be required to leave immediately to include United States Citizenship, French Citizenship, and Italian Citizenship. (Unless person has applied for a visa and approved under visa guidelines)

The deadline date for submitting applications is to be determined. 

Government ID

The exclusive ID is issued to all qualified citizens of the Kingdom Antonia.  This is an all in one card with smart card capabilities.  

  1. Standard Issue 

The Secure Card will have the following standard information:

  • Passport ID
  • Citizenship ID Number
  • Guard Code
  • Personal Identifying Information
  • Background History
  • Driving Code (Driver Privileges)
  • Photo & Signature

  1. Special Access Issue

Special Access Information:

  • Antonio Banking Access for Government Benefits (Special Activation Needed)
  • Guard Issued ID (Government Use Only)
  • Business Registration Information for Executives (Activated Registration with the AT&SN)


In order to apply follow these steps:

  1. Follow the Link Apply
  2. Check to see if you Qualify
  3. You will be directed to fill out the form in its entirety
  4. Save and Return to the form as needed in order to gather all documents needed
  5. Pay the ID application fee
  6. Submit the application online

Application process:

  1. Application Received
  2. Payment Processed
  3. Applicant Receives Payment Confirmation
  4. Applicant Receives Confirmation Letter or Denial Letter within a prescribed time frame.  This time frame varies depending upon applications received by the Office of Licensing.
  5. Certification of temporary ID is issued and received by applicant.  
  6. ID card is processed and mailed to applicant to the mailing address of record.

When does it expire?

This card will not expire until 10 years after issuance.  

The card becomes inactive when it is lost or stolen and a reissuance is needed. 

How much does it cost?

The pricing structure is outlined on the application form and all prices are subject to change.  The fee includes administrative and processing of the ID to each cardholder. 

Where can I find out if I qualify?

Download the Citizenship Bill at the link below and see if you qualify.  

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Q: When will the ID application open?

A: 2018 is the expected initial issuance year of the new ID Card.

Q: Can I waive the fee if I have low income?

A: Fees may be waived on a case by case basis and subjected to income verification.

Q: I live in the territorial boundaries.  Do I need to obtain an ID?

A:  All persons residing within the Kingdom Antonia must have proper identification.  If one chooses to become a citizen of the Kingdom Antonia, the  ID is required by law. 

Q: What is the Guard Code?

A: Look at the chart below for further information on the Guard Code.

Office of Licensing