Proclamation of Peace

Thy year of our Lord, Two Thousand and Sixteen, on this Twenty Fourth day of November, hereby declareth this Nation and this Kingdom, Isles of Antonia, of rightful inheritance forthright of this Proclamation of Peace, amongst the Nations and Kingdoms of former as it came to pass.

We inhabitants of, hath been handed a stone which is set for a pillar. Let us rise and build thy foundation of our stature. Let us take on thy duty before us. Allow us to take heed with our eyes thy Anointment bestowed upon us.

Thy will to achieve victory is given thy sword unto thy people. For God so created this land, created the sea, creator of thy heavens and of thy earth so for us to cherish this place in all of our days.

We see thy courage of our generation and knowledge of thereafter. Generation upon generation shall this be an embarkation of strength and fortitude. 

We shall persevere, Set thy Watchmen, for in times of great storm, calamity, and affliction shall it be that we possess the aptitude to triumph greatly and to continue to move forward.

With our hands be diligent for these are the Islands of good trade, the Islands of hope, the Islands of charity. Let us give praise, for this day is a mark of salvation for thy past, present, and thy future. Allow thy world to hear thy voice of thine people in righteousness and fellowship. For these Islands and her territories were once discovered in the midst of the sea and in the wilderness only to be rediscovered once more.

This day forth, our Nation grants safe passage to all who rightfully and willfully come to uphold thine very light granted unto us, citizens of her, Isles of Antonia.

This Proclamation of Peace is now cordially indoctrinated as thy establishment of inheritance of former Hawaiian Islands hereto, and her territorial Provinces of former Alaska, the Island of Corsica, and the Island of Sardegna.

By and through the approval of the Prince of the Isles of Antonia, sealed unto which shall not be broken, hereby Proclaims inheritance and Peace of Isles of Antonia and her territories on this Twenty Fourth day of November, In the year of our Lord, Two Thousand and Sixteen.